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The Myth of the Flat Earth

Pastor C. W. Powell

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Inventing the Flat Earth, is a book by Jeffrey Burton Russell, a historian at the University of California at Santa Barbara. In it he explores the origin of the idea that the earth is flat.  [This book and its sequel are available at Amazon.com]


Humanists in religion and politics can only accomplish their agenda by lying. If they ever told the truth, people would catch on, and they would lose their jobs. Congregations would fire their preachers, politicians would not get elected, and teachers would not be able to get students.


The invention of the flat earth is a good example. The idea of the flat earth was invented by humanists in the 19th century in order to discredit those who opposed evolution.  They drew upon the fiction of Washington Irving, who also invented Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman.


Columbus did not believe in the flat earth. Isabella and Ferdinand did not believe it. The church leaders of that time did not believe in it. The Greeks knew the world was spherical in 300 B.C. This knowledge had made its way into Europe at least around the year 1400. By 1492 it was common knowledge that the earth was spherical.


But humanists have to have a demon in order to discredit their enemies. “The church has always been opposed to science!” they scoff. “We alone are the true scholars and intellectuals. Just look. The church taught that the world was flat and opposed Columbus. Now they are opposing Darwin. Don't they get it? They just oppose science all the time. You don't want to be like those dummies in Columbus' time, do you? Only true thinkers like us are fit to tell you what is true.”


It was all lies of course, but now it is taught as fact in grade schools all over the U.S. A spherical earth is not contradicted by anything in the Bible nor is any other “fact” that might be discovered. What is contradicted is the lying agenda of religious humanists who pretend there is a fossil record that shows evolution, that species evolve into another species, and that man is on his way to self-deification, or that sodomy is natural. Men who cannot face the truth, are doomed to the bondage of lies.


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