Basket of Figs

Published 2001-07

Bud Powell

Trinity Covenant RCUS, Colorado Springs


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The Finger of God


But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you.--Luke 11:20


By this one statement, Christ revealed the carnal dreams of Israel and showed the nature of His kingdom.Israel expected that when Messiah came, He would drive out the Romans and their oppressors and set up a carnal kingdom, and they would rule with him in a kingdom of peace and prosperity.


They didnít know the nature of their enemy.The real enemies of men are the evil ideas and lusts that reside in their own hearts.The real conflict for the souls of men takes place there, not on the bloody battlefields of the world.


It is the truth that sets us free, the conviction that all our sins are forgiven in Jesus Christ.In delivering us from guilt by faith through the Gospel, the Lord Jesus sets us free to please Him, whether it is in life or in death.To God be the glory!


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