Basket of Figs

Published 2002-7

Bud Powell

Trinity Covenant RCUS, Colorado Springs


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A New Morality

Have you noticed that a new code of ethics has replaced the Ten Commandments in our country?  People who would never use a racial epithet think nothing of taking God’s name in vain.  “O my G…” has become commonplace.

A man who would shrink from disturbing a rodent is not uncomfortable with putting thousands of people out of work, stealing their livelihood.

People who would be embarrassed to make a Hindu uncomfortable do not mind ridiculing a Christian student in a public classroom.

People who mourn over injustice done to a whale do not shrink from lies and slander to deny a Supreme Court nomination for their political rival.

A man who would insist on a woman’s right to equality will not hesitate to cheat on his own wife, and leave her in poverty in order to marry a younger and snappier woman.

A woman who would not eat canned tuna to protest the dolphins that are caught in the tuna nets murders her own unborn child.

There is a certainty here:  man cannot be without morals.  If he abandons biblical ones, then he will substitute others for them.  He will zealously pursue his revisionist morals, and persecute and defame those who disagree with him, all the while calling Christians hypocrites when they defend theirs.


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