This is an Infallible Leader?

Basket of Figs, May, 2003

Bud Powell




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ďWeapons can never solve mankindís problems.Ē The Pope. 3/22/3003


Hmmmm. The Civil War didnít solve the problem of slavery? W.W. II didnít solve

the problem of German National Socialism? The great victory of Charles The Hammer in 732 A.D. at Tours didnít solve the problem of the Muslim conquest of Christianity?


The victory at Vienna didnít thwart the Islamic plan for the conquest of

Europe? The Six Day War didnít break the back of Nassarís United Arab Republic?


Believe me, the Pope knows, so what gives?


Of course, weapons cannot solve the problem of sin and guilt, nor can they remove

the curse of God upon mankind because of Adamís sin. If the Pope was talking about THOSE problems it was one of the great non sequiturs of history, because his remarks were in the context of President Bush and the war against Iraq. Of course, no oneóespecially Bush--expected the war against Saddam to end the worldís sin and misery, but war can eliminate those who cross over the bounds of accepted anti-social behavior.


Violence certainly can solve some problems. Napoleon was a problem solved after

the Russian winter and Russian troops whipped him soundly in 1812. Timothy

McVey hasnít blown up any government buildings recently and Ted Bundy hasnít

murdered any girls recently. Those problems are solved, eh? At this writing it looks like the problem of Saddam is solved, too. Of course liberals resort to wringing their hands when they canít get up enough courage to behave in a manly way, whether in law enforcement or in international policy. My mother also solved a great many problems in my mind by a timely application of violence to my backside.


It is true that the sword should be taken only when the cost for not taking it is very

high. Jesus said that a wise man would count the cost, whether it is in the building of a tower or in the matter of going to war. The costs of war are frightful, both in human lives and in resources; but often the costs of not going to war are much greater than the going. Those who refuse to take the sword often die by the sword, too. Americans have an honorable history fighting for liberty rather than submission to slavery.

Thus may it ever be. Amen. At least, that is the way I look at it.