Scamming Again

Basket of Figs, April, 2004

Bud Powell




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First he scammed the Old Grey Lady, the New York Times.  Now he is at it again, aided and abetted by Katie Couric.  Iím speaking of Jayson Blair.  Even as I write this, he is being interviewed about his new book, ďBurning Down My Masterís House.Ē   Answer me this?  Why does Martha Stewart get convicted and perhaps go to jail for lying about a stock trade when Jayson Blair, whose lying makes Martha an amateur indeed, get to scam his book on Dateline NBC?   Isnít this a strange world?  But of course, whoever accused the liberal news media of having ethics?  Did you ever stop to realize that the mainstream media is the most sophisticated means in the history of the world to enable corrupt people to break the 9th Commandment in a grand way?

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