Not Truly Reformed?

Basket of Figs, October, 2005

Bud Powell




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Sometimes the accusation is just.  Words are important and the word “Reformed” should carry as a minimum the great principles of the Reformation that have been set down in the great creeds of the Reformation.  People should not be allowed to call themselves something they are not.  It is possible to deny these great truths by redefining and inserting alien doctrines that can pull down the whole edifice.  The wolf comes in sheep’s clothing and many people want to use the label “Reformed” in order to gain access to the flock for other purposes that feeding the flock.  They want to feed themselves.


But sometimes it is just silly.  It is the ultimate pejorative in some circles, and is meant to discredit enemies.  People are said to be unreformed for not having two services on Sunday or for not observing the Lord’s Supper according to some tradition.  In these cases being “unreformed” has nothing to do with the great creeds and their lofty doctrines, but with some tradition that has nothing biblical about it.


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