This and That


Man is in the image of God.   Much about God can be known by observing man.  God is not transcendent nothingness, but personal.  Neither is He diffused immanence.  He is Spirit.  He loves and hates and judges and rewards.  (See Acts 17:29)   He is altogether lovely, loving and lovable--the Perfection of what we all know man should be.  Hallelujah!


Christianity has done so much for women.  Instead of an ankle ring and chain to enslave her to her husband, the Christian wife has a wedding ring, and the bonds are love and fellowship.


Noah prepared an ark to save his house; and thereby condemned the world.   Godly lifestyles: home; marriage; faithfulness; Christian schools; monogamy condemn this world and that is the reason they are hated.  In Public school, monogamy cannot be recommended because it implicitly condemns other lifestyles.