Some Good Books Challenging Evolution

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Behe, Michael J., Darwin's Black Box. The Free Press, New York, 1996.  This dynamite book, by a non-creationist biochemist who is Associate Professor of Biochemistry at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA., is a fundamental challenge to the fundamental principals of Darwinism.   Because of the knowledge gained in the 20th century by the invention of the electron microscope and the discovery of DNA, the secrets of the cell were unlocked, and science was plunged into a world of incredible complexity and organization that former generations could not have dreamed of.  The cilium alone has more than 200 protein machines that must work together in the finest balance for even this tiny hair-like part to fulfil its function.  Evolutionists will pooh-pooh this book, but facts are stubborn things.


Johnson, Phillip.  Darwin on Trial.  Regnery Gateway, Washington. 1991.  This book by Univ. of Calif. at Berkeley law professor.  This book shook the world of scholarship, for something like this should not have come out of a liberal bastion like Berkeley.   Prof. Johnson simply subjected evolution to the rules of evidence that would be required in any court of justice, and found the evidence sadly wanting.  Dr. Johnson is a graduate of Harvard and the University of Chicago.  Chapter Ten is great:  "Darwinist Religion" which explodes the pretense of neutrality.  Dr. Johnson does not endorse creationism, but it is a great first book.



Johnson, Phillip.  Reason in the Balance.  InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, Illinois. 1995  Prof. Johnson's second book moves closer to creationism.   This book shows the evolutionist is willing to sacrifice reason itself on the altar of his religious beliefs.  Truth is sacrificed for pragmatism.  It is not important whether something is true, for truth is an abstraction that cannot be determined for sure.  All we can expect is "Does it work?"   Get this book if you are serious about this subject and want to know.  Evolutionary dogmatists won't read it.


Morris, Henry M.  The Long War Against God.  Baker Books, 1989 P. O. Box 6287, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 49516-6287.   The great value of this book is the documented bias and close-mindedness of those within the evolutionary school of thought.  Morris documents the racism of early evolutionists, the political agenda of evolutionists, and the impact on morals and religion.  Well worth reading.


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