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Jesus must not be worshipped, nor can He be granted the right to forgive sins, if He is not God. (See Matt 9:1-6).  The Jews who rejected Christ, because they refused to worship a man, will be better off at the judgment than those who worship Him, but deny His equality with the Father.   There is no room in the Bible for the worship of a man, or any created being.


Jesus could receive such honor, because He was uniquely "God with Us."  He claimed full equality with the Father (John 5:19-23) in works, communication, life, judgment, and honor; things that could only be said of the Almighty God.  Such a One walked the earth once only, and will be seen again only at the final judgment, when He will judge the earth in righteousness.


The devil used a serpent to advance his rebellion against God.  Have you noticed how the poor defenseless animals are still being used by the anti-Christian crowd against the Gospel?  Christians are being blamed for the excesses of evolution and social-Darwinists in despoiling the land.  Land and property is being confiscated to further the aims of the salvation-by-government people.  Sentimentality and deception replaces sound judgment.  Some things never change.


Speaking of sentimentality, I get nervous about someone who says, "I feel your pain."  I wonder what he's up to.  The Love of God is expressed in actions, not sentiment.  His love is commended to us in that Christ died for us.  An old legend tells about the crocodile who wept as it devoured its victims.   I don't want to be eaten.  It is of no importance to me whether he weeps or not, if I am the main course.  Herod was very sorry at the decapitation of John the Baptist. (Mark 6:26).  But of course, this didn't rejoin the head to the neck.

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