Secular Evangelism


November 1996


It is considered a dark chapter in Christian history.   Christians used to try to assimilate Jews and others into the nations of Europe by conversion and baptism.  How dare Christians seek to do this? is the outraged response of modern liberal humanists.


The humanist does the same thing in our day, only on a much larger scale.  The humanist tries to assimilate Jews and Christians and others by conversion to faith in reason and progress.  The humanist would like it done peacefully--just as the Christian nations did--but will use force and legal sanctions if necessary.  The public school system in the U.S. is the major means of this secular evangelism.  The intolerance of those in the public school to creationists, pro-life, and bible-believers is well known.  You either convert to the faith, or suffer the consequences.


For further information on this subject see Johnson, Lonnie R., Central Europe, Oxford, 1996.  p. 145.