I Guess This Is Old News.  Or Is It?


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Rep. Carolyn McCarthy in NY Times Magazine. quoted in National Review, July 14, 1997: 


"And having women have children who don't want to have children--that's the cycle of violence, which contributes to child abuse, and all the other things that go with it...."   


So this is what the love of death comes down to, eh?  A lack of self-control.   Imagine our great grandmothers who had 10 to 14 children.  Did they "want" every one of them?  But didn't they nurture and love and care for each of them?  Or is duty a dirty word nowadays.   I guess Rep. McCarthy is giving credence to the idea that it is perfectly understandable why aggressive drivers shoot people; why children murder one another; and why there is domestic violence:  we poor half-evolved homo-sapiens just find it reasonable to destroy what makes us uncomfortable.   Just think.  These smart humanists were going to make a better world after they had destroyed Christianity and its code of duty, charity, and selflessness.   What we got was a world that loves death: abortion, euthanasia, road rage, and mindless violence.


A dear Christian asked me the other day, "Do you think that God's judgment will come upon us soon?"  My answer:   "Romans 1 is true.  Judgment is already here.  Sin is the judgment for sin.  When men are alienated from their God, sin is His judgment upon them.   God gave them over...."


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