A Wolf Is a Wolf       


“Now children,” Mama sheep said. “Be careful of the wolf. Sometimes he dresses up like a sheep.”


Sometimes it was hard for the lambs to spot the wolf; sometimes it was easy. As time went along, they got better at it and the wolf had many a hungry night. No matter how he tried to disguise himself, some sharp-eyed ram would give him away.


“It isn't fair,” he told the Wise Leaders. “The sheep will not accept me. They insist on treating me like an outcast.  I have a song I want to sing, too, but they won't let me in. You have no idea how depressed I get. Even my children are made to feel inferior. I simply do not think it is fair for me to have to pretend to be a sheep. I think they should be made to accept me as I am.


“I know that I have some religious ideas that they do not approve of, but who is to say who is right? They even disagree among themselves, so why do they condemn me?  I am comfortable with my religion, and it fits my lifestyle. I know my sharp teeth make them uncomfortable, but, hey, different strokes for different folks, I always say.”


The Wise Leaders agreed. “The wolf and his young must be admitted to the flock,” they Wisely said. “Diversity is the strength of any just society. It is not fair for the sheep to be thinking only about themselves; the wolf has needs, too. He has the right to the pursuit of happiness, however he views it. There is no room in our society for purveyors of bigotry and hatred. Lobophobia will not be tolerated.”


The wolf was very happy. (See Matthew 7:15-19)