Judge Not?

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“Judge not that ye be not judged.”

There is one verse in the Bible that every scoundrel knows thoroughly.  It is the nuclear weapon that every rascal and moral reprobate has in his arsenal to quiet any criticism of his activities.   It requires his detractor to suspend his intelligence and pretend that he has no moral right to pronounce certain activities to be wrong.

The scoundrel knows that his greatest enemy is the conscience of good people.  If he can neutralize conscience, then he has a license to coerce, corrupt, and do as he pleases.  

Jesus was not speaking of humble people exercising moral judgment.  He was not saying that it is wrong for people to be what they are, the image of God with the capacity and duty of knowing what is right and wrong.  Jesus was opposing those who would usurp the place of God, exercising the prerogative of God alone, in judging the hearts and souls of men.  

There is a great difference between judging a man’s behavior, and judging his soul.  A man who steals, who lies, who commits sexual sin is not immune from having his activities judged and brought into court, being punished for his crimes.   No one has a right to consign another soul to hell, but that does not mean that we are to pretend that we are blind, deaf, and dumb to wicked activity.  To say that would be to overthrow law and order, and set aside all value and morality.

Jesus emphatically did not do that.  He said that it was wicked to commit adultery.  He said that it was wrong to lie.  He said that it was wrong to serve idols.  He was not a moral cipher, a moral monstrosity that was unable to make moral decisions.

The rascal piously does what he condemns in others.  He inverts morality by condemning those who make moral judgments, calling them hypocrites.  It works for him in the minds of ignorant, morally empty people.  The rascal becomes the good guy who is filled with love; those who “judge” him are wicked self-righteous people.  His secret agenda is obtained:  He can now do what he pleases for he has shut the mouths of all of those who might question his behavior.  He now has a free pass.

When that happens, juries will acquit of murder, slander, perjury, obstruction of justice, for “Who are we to judge?”  The result is complete moral bankruptcy, and the weak and the poor are delivered to the scoundrel and the socio-path, for nothing stands in the way of the oppression of the poor and the weak but the rule of law and the testimony of good people.

The scoundrel uses blackmail to silence his enemies and to reinforce his contention that those who make moral judgments are hypocrites.  Every weakness and error is magnified in order to show that every good man is as bad as the scoundrel.   Human goodness is never absolute.  Every man has sin, but every man does not commit crimes.  Crimes are actionable in law and require testimony and witness from citizens in order to bring convictions.  When good men are neutralized by fears that they do not want to be known as hypocrites, the criminal gets his way.

The foundation of a free and safe society is the willingness of good men to bear witness of crimes and for honest judges to judge and punish evil.  This means confession of their own sins.   Good men in the public arena do not pretend that they are without fault, but there are differences between sins and crimes.  There must be witness made to crimes and adjudication by the proper authorities.  God reserves the punishment of sins for Himself; He has established human government to deal with crimes.   

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