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Colorado Springs

Pastor C. W. Powell


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On this page you will find articles and tracts on various subjects of Christian Living.  The Bible not only tells us how to get to heaven, but it also tells us how to live while we are on our way to heaven.  There are only a few now, but more will be added later, God willing.  Use your back arrow to return to this page, or the supplied link.


NEW.  Defense of the Continental Sabbath View

Warren Embree


Abundant Christianity  

Both Good and Evil: the Patience of Job

Sanctification by Mutilation?

Eating Meat is O.K.

The Salt of the Earth

Living in the Name of Jesus

What Good Is a Clean Stable?

Does Truth Warm You?

New Tongues, The Evidence of the Spirit.

The Mark of the Beast

New Revelations?

Judge Not?

Time and the Fourth Day

Light and Darkness

Day and Night

Singing the Name of Jesus

The Gift of God: Power

The Gift of God: Love

The Gift of God: Sound Mind

Faith for Righteousness

Ursinus on the Ninth Commandment


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