Immediate and Antecedent Imputation:††

Federal Theology

Relation Between Guilt and Depravity

See Romans 5

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Adamís Federal Headship

Christís Federal Headship

Adamís First Sin

This was a representative act, in which he acted for all his posterity.In Adamís first sin, ďAll have sinned,Ēnot consciously or actually, but representationally.

Christís Obedience

Christ, as the representative of the elect, acted for all of them.†† In Him, all the elect have fully kept all the commandments of God, not consciously nor actually, but representationally.

Representative, Virtual, Guilt

Because of Adamís sin, all his seed contract the guilt resulting from it.

Christís Justification

Virtual Justification

Because of Christís obedience, the elect have been counted innocent of all transgression, and no guilt adheres to them forever.

State of Inherent Depravity

This is the judicial consequence of the imputation of guilt

State of Inherent righteousness, infused by the Holy Spirit

This is the result of the removal of guilt.Because the elect are counted righteous in the court of heaven, the Holy Spirit implants in them a new nature, pleasing to God.

Actual Transgressions

This is the result of inherent depravity.An evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit.The flesh brings forth evil fruit.

Actual good works, beginning with faith, proceeding to obedience.

A good tree brings forth good fruit.God has before ordained that we should bring forth good fruit, and this fruit is the result of a new nature, implanted within us by the Holy Spirit, after the image of Jesus Christ.

Conscious, Personal,

Actual Guilt


Men become conscious that their works are contrary to the law of God, bringing upon them a defiled conscience.

Conscious justification and peace with God.

The elect become conscious that they are pleasing to God, in conformity to His law, and the fruit of the work of the Holy Spirit within them.

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