Index to the Openness Movement

Lecture notes on “Openness” given at RCUS minister’s retreat October 18, 2003, at Mitchell, S.D., by Pastor C. W. Powell


Chart on the Attributes of God.  [There is a copyright on this chart, but RCUS folk may copy and use it if they properly “attribute” it.]



Scripture and charts supporting the Incommunicable Attributes of God, with a paucity of explanation.  [If you wonder about the applicability of the Scripture, look at a good commentary or drop me a note at ]





Charnock on Immutability

Infinity Chart; 

Infinity Verses

Chart on Ephesians 4:6

The Eternity of God -- Charnock

The Transcendence of  God

The infinite knowledge of God – Psalm 139

The Immanence of God

Scripture on Immanence

The Power of God--Charnock

The Power of God in Government -- Charnock

The Power of God in Redemption -- Charnock

The Power of God in Creation -- Charnock


Unity and Simplicity

         The Spirituality of God -- Charnock


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