God’s Immanence





Extending to the very limits of things, or permeating everything, in every object.

See particulars below.


God is immanent with respect to time.

--He is without beginning or ending

--He is free from all succession of time:  “I am that I am”

--He is the cause of time:  1Tim. 1:17:  “The King of the Ages.”  He caused time to stand still in Joshua’s time; and sent it backwards in Hezekiah’s.

Heb. 1:11,12

Deuteronomy 32:40

Psalm 90:2

Isaiah 41:4

Revelation 1:8


God is immanent with respect to space.

I Kings 8:27

Romans 8:39.  God has no limits of any kind.


1.       Omnipresent:  God is wholly present in every place at every time.

1Kings 8:27

Romans 8:39:  God has no limits of any kind.


a.  God cannot be divided, diffused, multiplied, expanded.  He fills the universe and all its parts at all times.  Time and space are in him; he is not in time and space.

b.  Objection:  Isn’t God in Heaven (as in the Lord’s prayer)?  Answer:  to say God is in Heaven is to say exactly what we have said:  He is not in time and space.

Psalm 139:7;  Jer. 23:23,24;  Acts. 17:27,28.


2.  Omniscient:  God knows everything.  This follows from Omnipresence.

Psalm 147:4;  Psalm 33:13-15; Acts. 15:8; Psalm 139:2; Matt. 6:8; 10:30; Malachi 3:16; Isaiah 46:9,10; Acts.2:23; 1Sam. 23:12; Matt. 11:23;  Acts 15:18;  Ps. 139:6; Rom. 11:33; Ps. 104:24;  Eph. 3:10; Ps. 56:8; Heb. 4:13; Matt. 10:26; Ps. 139:12; Matt. 28:20


3. Omnipotence:  His Power is through all.  Everywhere God is, His power and will are, for He cannot be divided.

Rom. 13:1;  Gen. 1:1-3;  Gen. 17:1;  Isaiah 44:24,25;  Heb. 1:3;  2Cor. 4:6;  Eph. 3:20;  Rom. 4:17;  Ps. 115:1-3;  Eph. 1:11;  Gen. 18:14

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