God’s Transcendence

Transcendence:  Avoids Mysticism and Pantheism

Above Experience.  God cannot be known by the experience of the five senses.  Romans 11:33-36




John 4:24; Col. 1;15.  God Is not matter, nor does He depend upon matter.  God is “light” (I John 1:5).  God is “Love” (I John 4:8).  He cannot be seen or known by material means.  (Ex. 33:18-20;  I Cor. 2:7-17.  He must be worshipped in spirit and in truth.  (John 4:24)

God is Alive

Jer. 10:3-16; I Thess. 1:9; John 5:26.

God is Self-Conscience

Ex. 3:14.  He is conscious.  I Cor. 2:11: our personhood is analogous to His: Eph. 1:9;  See also Acts 17:28,29.  We are the offspring of God: how can God be less than we are?


He has no measures, no limits.  Only God is infinite.   He is bound only by the nature of His Being, and as He chooses to be bound by His promises.

See Sub-Chart for more on God’s infinity.