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About Dr. C. W. Powell

He Isn't Santa Claus.
Bud Powell is the pastor of Trinity Covenant Church in Colorado Springs. Trinity is a congregation of the Reformed Church in the United States. He also is Academic Dean and Professor of Historical Theology at New Geneva Theological Seminary in Colorado Springs. There are links to both of these institutions on the Links Page.

If you click on his picture you will get a welcome message from Basket of Figs

Figs is an occasional publication of Trinity Covenant Church of Colorado Springs. This site has been created as an archive of past issues of Figs and other writings of Pastor C. W. Powell and others.

These are for you to enjoy. If you do quote or use any of these writings and charts, please include the following:

A publication of
A Basket of Figs
Trinity Covenant Church [R.C.U.S.]
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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