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What If Jesus Had Been a Humanist?

Click on the picture below, and you will go to a page that has links to some whimisical and tongue-in-cheek parables, written as Jesus might have told them if He had been a 21st century humanist, trained in the politically correct American university system.

Good for us, He wasn't.

Click on the little guy below for some funny parables.

Funny Parables: click above
  Bible and Lilies

The lilies in the picture below came from my front yard in 2007.  This picture will soon be linked to additional features on Basket of Figs.

Moses and Jesus. Law and Grace.

Click on the lily picture to the right and you will be taken to a menu with a great many articles on the contrast between the old and the new.

 This feature is under construction, although a brief menu is operable.

California Poppies: Summer, 2005
Below:  These poppies were growing along side the road on an auto trip Penny and I took in 2005.  They will soon be linked to new features on Basket of Figs.