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Apologetics is the branch of theology that seeks to show [give evidence or reasons] why Christianity is true.

There are other things on this page, but this page is the window to a whole lot of stuff. Click around and enjoy. Write Pastor Powell if you have questions.

New things will be added frequently to this page, so check it out often.

Various Tracts on Apologetics

Do you really think that the church used to believe that the world was flat? Boy! Have you got a lot to learn. Try the tract on Flat Earth. What about the Framework Hypothesis? Rev. Frank Walker has a great tract on the subject. Other good stuff on this site.

The picture to the left is one I took of Pikes Peak through my kitchen window about 6:00 a.m. one day early in March, 2003. One proof that God's loves us is that He made the world in color. Think about it.

What does Van Til really say about the Law of Contradiction?

What did he say about God's Self-Contained Knowledge? THIS IS NEW

Click on the picture to get an index of tracts and articles that are available. Use the back arrow on your browser to return to this page.

What Is a Scriptural Church?

Have you ever wondered about such things as why should people go to church? What the church is for? Is it only to meddle in people's lives and make them feel guilty? You will find a lot of things in this site. Two very good sermons by Rev. David Fagrey are also included. He preached them at a conference we held a couple years ago.

Click on the picture to the left. It is an enlarged picture of Pikes Peak of what you see in the picture above.
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God bless you, and have fun reading some good stuff.
Miscellaneous Theological Musings

For instance: What would Jesus Do? Is this the way to find salvation?

There are other topics about right and wrong, easy believin', and a whole bunch of other stuff. We will keep adding to this page.

The picture on the left was taken near the town of Green River, Wyoming, in 2002. I was in Rock Springs to do a wedding.

God bless you!