Why Do Christians Go to Church?
A better question, perhaps is this:
Why Should People Go to Church?

This page provides links to articles of various length and authors

which will help you understand the doctrine of the Scripture concerning

what the church ought to be.There are only a few articles now,

but more will be added as time permits.


Some General Things
Was the Spiritís Work Different in the Old Testament?
No Creed But Christ
Worship at Trinity Covenant Church 
Vision of Trinity Covenant Church
The Nanny Church
The Gospel of Grace, by Rev. David Fagrey
The Primacy of Preaching, by Rev. David Fagrey
Tribal Christianity
What Is the Church For?
Womyn in Church Office
Exclusive Psalmody
The Sacraments
Yeast in the Lord's Supper
Why Baptize Babies? 
Infant Communion?Youíre Kidding, Right?
Except Ye Eat and Drink
Grape Juice? You Have to Be Kidding!
Frequent Communion?Why Downgrade Preaching?
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