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Welcome To My Home Page

It's a parable, of course. I mean the title of this little paper that has been been around for some 14, 15 years. It is published by Trinity Covenant Reformed Church RCUS in Colorado Springs.

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The title comes from Jeremiah 24.

Sometimes parables are a bit hard to understand, and the title of the paper and this website are, too, I suppose. At least that is what people say. I won't spoil it, though, by explaining. You will have the fun of figuring it out.

A good start would be to read Jeremiah 24. That's in the Bible, in case you didn't know.

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There is a lot to find on this site!

Click on all the links and follow all the instructions, and you will find a lot of information, free literature, silly things, and very sober and thoughtful things.

Be sure to check out the "What's New" page, which summarizes recent changes and additions.

This site was constructed with tools from Freeservers, a Compaq NT computer, Microsoft Word 2000, running in Windows 2000. Some files were made with Adobe Writer 4.0 and require Adobe Reader which you can get free.  These are gradually being replaced with html files.

I use IE browser and it works great on this site.

If you will go to the "Favorite Links" page, using the menu on the left, you will find a link to the Google Tool Bar. If you will add this toolbar to your browser, you can use it to search this site.

Take some time to look around.   This site is not a quick read, but is meant to be lingered over, savored, and considered.  "Let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath." [James 1:9}

The Decree Makes the Difference
Jeremiah 24:2,3

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It is worth your while to try this out.

I suppose the real question is
"Who is in charge?" Is there really a
God? If you answer yes to that question,
it won't do you any good if the word "God"
has no meaning to you.

There are articles on the meaning of the word "God" on the "Attributes of God" page. Use the menu on the left.

How can you say you believe
in God if you haven't the slightest
idea Who He is?

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The print edition is good for those who want and need to hold paper in their hands; you can wait and get it at this site.

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