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But what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and

lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”

-Mark 8:36,37


Are atom, molecules, elements, and physical energy all there is?


True evolution and modern science so-called have in common basic materialistic

presuppositions.  Materialism is simply the idea that the “Cosmos is all there is,

all there ever was, and all there will be.” (Carl Sagan) The siren of materialism,

which was supposed to explain everything, seduced the world in the twentieth

century, especially during the social revolution of the 1960’s. Even before the

revolution of the 1960's, materialism had dominated the thought of modern

science, and men had wildly dreamed of being able to explain all phenomenon

on the earth in terms of it. Consciousness itself would be explained in terms of

electrical and chemical impulses. The sober editors of Time Books wondered in

the 70's whether or not the elementary beginnings of consciousness were even then

lurking in the circuits of computer mainframes. Materialism had gained control of

the universities and the legal institutions of America and elsewhere, but the full

implication of that control had not yet been felt. In the generation following the

60's that impact would be felt with a vengeance.


Evolution: the Gift of Materialism


Materialism not only gives us evolution (Man is formed by impersonal forces

acting on material over long periods of time without any design or purpose, but

only by chance), destruction of morals (Material knows no right or wrong. Where

there is no purpose there can be no morality); relativism in law (People are

genetically disposed to behave in a certain way); and irrationalism and

subjectivity in religion (Rationality disappears when purpose is denied, but

you can believe in God if you want to, if it makes you feel good and causes

you to be subservient to all-wise government).  Thus are fulfilled the words

of our Lord Jesus quoted above. Although there have been tremendous material

benefits reaped by some because of materialistic philosophy, the result has been

devastating to the souls of men.


Is Matter All There Is?


Man is not just a hunk of matter, a machine operating according to physical

processes determined by chance. People know this instinctively. This is the reason

that 91% of the American people reject true evolutionary premises. There are some

things about man that just cannot be explained by physical processes. Materialism

cannot explain the difference between Shakespeare and pornography. We have

wrestled with the problem since censorship laws were repealed in the 60's and 70's,

and filth flooded our cities. If matter is all there is, then a book is something made

out of paper and ink, and all books are the same. All movies are thus the same, and

all messages on the internet are the same.  You as an individual may choose to follow

your religious delusions in terms of values, but your values cannot be imposed on

anyone else, because values cannot be determined by materialistic presuppositions.

If the Cosmos is all there is, values are simply individual choices, and at the most

give private pleasure. What gives you pleasure might be quite different from what

pleasures someone else. Only the individual can decide.


Do Genetics Determine Morals?


The same is true of morals, for materialism knows no difference between lifestyles.

If a man is simply the product of his genes, then he is programmed by them to

behave a certain way. The sodomite is so programmed, as in the drunkard, the thief,

and the saint. Who is to say that one lifestyle is superior to another?


How Can They Be Different?


This writer is the father of identical twin sons. They are genetically the same. When

they were babies, only the most experienced could tell them apart. But how different

they are! I dearly love them both, but anyone who knows them realizes that the person

who lives in one body is not the same as the person who lives in the other body. Yet

they grew up in the same home, ate the same food, were disciplined alike, and read

the same books, listened to the same music, and had the same friends. How do you

explain their differences on materialistic ground? I would not want them to be the

same, even though they are genetic equals.


What is the Soul of a Man?


What is it in a man that enables him to discern between the beautiful and the ugly?

Since the materialist revolution, the ugly prevails. The grotesque, the weird, the ugly

gets equal time with the beautiful. Who are you to say that your preferences are

better than someone else? There is no soul in the world of materialism. Materialism

gave us the sexual revolution, for materialism knows nothing of love, commitment,

faithfulness, and honor. “Laugh In” and other comedy shows routinely made fun

of such things, of culture, of decency. Love was defined downward in terms of

momentary physical contact. In the materialistic jungle, there is no difference

between the mating of humans and the mating of fruit flies.


What is Freedom?


Materialism destroyed patriotism and love of country. In a materialistic world there

is no difference between freedom and slavery, and wars for freedom become the

equal of wars of totalitarianism. Hitler and Churchill become equal. Wars to

maintain liberty were re-defined as efforts to impose our culture on others. In

a materialistic world, such things as liberty and freedom cannot be defined, and

therefore do not exist. Freedom became redefined in terms of materialistic pre-

suppositions: the right to do as you please, certainly not the right to think, to

worship, to love beauty and truth. It became the right to utter vulgarities, defy

convention, to mock and honor and decency. Television programs such as

“Mash” carried forward the revolution. All men were equal, for to fight for

one cause is as meaningless in a materialistic world as to fight for another.


Materialism changes the concept of law. Instead of holding men responsible for

their actions (for who can be responsible for materialist phenomenon?), law

became incessant tinkering with the environment and other materialistic meddling

in people's affairs, in an attempt to program them to behavior that is desired by a

self-appointed elite. Men become obsessed with food, water, air, medical care for

the body, economic equality. Why not, if we are the product of what we eat and

drink? The brave new world comes with government regulation of material. But

the regulations themselves are the product of programmed responses in terms of

evolution, and must be constantly changed and adapted and repealed, for the

regulations themselves are the result of impersonal causes. No one is responsible

for anything. The buck never stops anywhere.


There is no sin in a materialistic world. Adultery is not a sin, because human

mating is the equivalent of the mating of any other animals, and is reduced to

biology. Blasphemy is not sin, for who can define God in a material world?

Murder and rape are not sins, but are simply the result of male aggression, and

natural tendency that is seen in all the beasts. It is politic to try to restrain such

things, but we understand and are sympathetic. Sodomy is no sin, for the body

rules all in a materialistic world. The morality of the apostle Paul, `I keep under

my body, lest when I have preached to others, I myself should be come a castaway,”

 has no meaning in materialism: the body is all, there is no soul to keep it down and

 restrain it. Sodomy and other perversions are the natural result, for where there is

 no soul, there is no restraint of bodily sins. Drunkenness, sexual perversions, drug

 abuse, murder, violence, hatred, are the end result of the soul being lost.


If man is defined as the product of chance materialist processes, then the control of

 the processes becomes a matter of great concern to him. His mind becomes occupied

 with what he shall eat, what he shall drink, what he shall put on. He knows nothing

 of the kingdom of God and the righteousness of God, because these concepts have

 no value to him. This leads him to conflict after conflict. The twentieth century has

 seen some of the most devastating wars in history—as materialist denominations

 (fascism, Nazism, communism, socialism) threatened the very fabric of the world's



It is a source of immense satisfaction to this writer to belong to a great nation that

 contended with these evil powers in terms of the values of the soul of man: liberty,

 freedom, and faith. God bless America! and may God preserve her from those very

 evils she so valiantly opposed in arms and wealth during the 20th century! By God's

 grace, America was the bulwark against the utter darkness of consistent materialism.


All is not well in America, but her record in the 20th century has been glorious.


Where is Equity?


A well-known story is told about Chief Justice Earl Warren when the segregation of

blacks in our school system was under debate in the Supreme Court. After hearing

the legal arguments about precedent and custom, he is said to have asked, “But is it

fair?” It was on this basis that ultimately the degrading laws of school segregation

were overturned. It was the most famous decision in equity in the history of the

United States, and it was decided on fairness--the sense of justice that every man

feels in his soul. I do not know what other motives Justice Warren may have had,

but I do know that a great deal of abuse was heaped upon him for his part in that

famous decision.


Those who said the segregation battle was for the soul of America were right. Only

by materialist presuppositions can a man be treated as chattel, bought and sold, and

relegated to servitude because of the color of his skin. Where is the soul of a church

or a nation that relegates human beings to second-class citizenship and holds them

in perpetual servitude, without regard to their choices, but only on the basis of the



What Remains of Quality and Beauty?


Beauty, truth, love, justice, freedom, morality, worship, and kindness: such things are

lost in the world fabricated by true evolutionists, based upon materialistic ideas. If any

of these remain, it is because they have been “borrowed” from somewhere else, not

from the ideas of materialism. How profound are the words of Jesus, the Son of God!

How very profound was His very presence in this world of ours! His very presence

among us underscored what Moses told Israel in the wilderness, explaining why God

had given them manna for all those years: “Man does not live by bread alone, but by

every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”


Truth from the mouth of God has no meaning in a materialistic world. Words are just

a vibration in the air and mean only what I think they mean. Gibberish and nonsense,

or the beat of drums and the whine of the electric guitar, are as meaningful, and perhaps

even more meaningful if they make me feel good. So the church dies in irrationalism and

lawlessness, for it has lost its soul also.  Instead of the ideas of Scripture expressing the

mind of the Spirit, even He is reduced to incomprehensible blather.


Is not the life more than meat, and the body more than raiment?” the Son of God

asked (Matt. 6:25). Not in a materialistic world. If the life of man is only animal life,

then all he needs is food. If the body is not the temple of the soul, then perhaps its most

useful purpose is its adornment with gold, silver, and fine raiment.


Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness,” Jesus said (Matt. 6:35), a

most nonmaterialistic statement. It is the kingdom of God in Jesus Christ through the

righteousness of God revealed in the Gospel, which is the power of God unto the salvation

of the soul (Romans 1:16,17).


Wise men still seek Him.



Pastor C. W. Powell

Trinity Covenant Church RCUS

6050 Del Paz Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80918