New Perspectives on Paul

On this page we have articles about N. T. Wright; Norman Shepherd; Steve Schissel and others who have diverged from the Biblical doctrines of Justification by Faith.


New Perspectives.This link will take you to a menu about the New Perspectives.The menu also contains a link to an Angelfire site that has a great deal of material on both sides of the issue.Below: This picture was taken of the beautiful fall colors in Colorado on Rt. 133 between Panonia and Glenwood Springs.Summer 2001



Luther.This link goes to an article in Lutherís own words about his vision and dedication to Faith Alone.Below: The Luther Memorial



Venema.This link goes to many articles by Dr. Cornelius Venema, President of Mid-America Reformed Seminary.They give the history of the New Perspective and are used by the gracious permission of Dr. Venema and The Outlook.The Outlook is a publication of Reformed Fellowship, Inc., editor Rev. Wybren Oord.Below: From my Yard



Robertson.This link goes to articles by Dr. O Palmer Robertson from the Trinity Review website.Below: from my Yard



Openness of God.This link will take you to a menu on the Openness of God movement.This movement is related to the New Perspectives.Dr. Powell gave a lecture in Mitchell, SD., at a RCUS ministers retreat. There is also much information on the Incommunicable Attributes of God which are denied by the Free Will Theism Movement.In order to guard manís free will, they think to strip God of His.†† Below:The Grand Tetons.Godís Immutable Attributes last for eternity, longer than all the mountains on earth.



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