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Because of Facebook, the blog basket of Figs on blogspot has been posted only on occasion.  There is an updated archive on this site.  Go to Home and click on <Click Here for Index> and then on the link for "Blogs from Blogspot.com.  At the same place is a link for things that have been posted on Facebook.

There is a good link on the Apologetics site on circular reasoning, written by D. Mssimiliano Lorenzini of Front Line Ministries.  It's a good read.  Other good things on his site also. 

Check out Rev. Dr. Warren Embree's article on the continental view of the Sabbath.  Dr. Embree maintains that this view does not spring from antinomianism; rather, it springs from a more true hermaneutic than does the Puritan view.

Sermons on the Lord's Prayer, the Ten Commandments, and the Apostles' Creed can be found at the Trinity Covenant Church website.  Go to the links menu on the left.  Audio files and sermon notes may be downloaded.

This site is not fast food.  It is to be savored and lingered over.   Current and past issues of Basket of Figs may be found here.  We are also gradually replacing .pdf files with .htm files for quicker downloads.

There is a link to a great article by Dr. Pratt on Van Til. Go to Apologetics/Various Tracts.

*What if Jesus was politically correct? Would this have changed His parables? Go to the page "Funny Parables" and follow the links.

There is also some new material on the "new perspectives." I have recently added an article on the supposedly corruption of Christianity by Greek philosophy. Some folks think that only the Greeks could think, and that thinking is dangerous to Christianity.  I would agree that it is dangerous for some people to do what they call thinking.  But the Greeks didn't teach the sons of Abraham to think, nor did they do the best thinking in the world.  There is also added the RCUS report on Infant Communion, another stray dog that has come out of the jungle called [loosely] Federal Vision and ontological skepticism.  If you don't know what something is, you will never know how to use it.

What's New with Basket of Figs?

 NEW The lastest addition to the site is the RCUS report on Infant Communion.  You will find this at the Ecclessiology menu.

There is a new sub-site on comparing and contrasting Law and Grace, that might be useful concerning the Shepherdites, Muscovite, and other assorted Newly Discoverers of the Real Truth.  Look down the menu on the left until you see Law and Grace.  It has been added to the old Funny Parable site, that seems to be so popular with you.

 Cheyenne Mountain PCA has adopted a position paper on the "Federal Vision."  You can find it by clicking on the New Perspectives link on the left, then clicking on the picture.  There is also a new article by Dr. Robert L. Reymond.  Great stuff.  The OPC is also considering the "Federal Vision" heresy.   NPP is falling apart at the seams.

Check out Dr. Embree's defense of the continental view of the Sabbath.  Click on the "Attributes and Other Stuff" link on the left.  Then go to Christian Living.

We are still adding to the page on "New Perspectives." On this page we seek to defend the biblical doctrine of justification by faith alone, from the assaults on it by the New Perspective people and the followers of Norman Shepherd. God bless you all.

Come to Church on Sunday. Click on the link for Trinity Covenant Church.

God bless you every one.